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First, a Brief Announcement

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Permanent Experiment:
The Music of Bomis Prendin

The late 1970's were a fertile time for experimental music. Musical movements and philosophies proliferated faster than critics could give names to them—“DIY,” “No-Wave,” “Art Noise,” “Industrial,” “Electronic” (as opposed to “Electronica”) and the all-encompassing “Indie.” Before long, a market emerged for the musical meanderings of these pioneers, and record stores did a brisk business in “homemade recordings” of all kinds.

Bomis Prendin started in a bedroom, ran out of room, and moved into the living room with all of our gear, such as it was. Everything was recorded to a cassette recorder, and overdubs were performed by way of a second cassette deck. We used musical toys, a wheezing motorized organ, guitars, bass, rewired circuitry, anything that came to hand that we could get an interesting and/or inspirational sound out of. We argued and fought over what we were going to be, but the tension resulted in something uncategorizable, even within a genre known for willfully disregarding musical norms.

When we released “TEST,” our first of two 9-inch flexidiscs, one reviewer went so far as to say, “We owe our lives to brave records such as this one.” While the sentiment seems a little hyperbolic, we were trying to create something new every time we played together. And we still are.

A Disclaimer

The first time you listen to the music of Bomis Prendin, you might not like it. You might even hate it. But it will be too late by then. Because Bomis Prendin’s music contains powerful psychoacoustic resonant frequencies that actually alter your brain waves as you listen. The result? Soon, you will love Bomis Prendin’s music; in fact, you will find yourself growing anxious and unhappy when it isn’t playing somewhere in your environment.

In addition, you will soon begin to find all other music flat, artificial, sterile and unsatisfying. This is an unavoidable “side effect.” Believe us, you will not miss the music you have been listening to.

Our postal mail address, should you have a need for it:
Bomis Prendin
PO Box 4864
Baltimore MD 21211

Curiously, bomisprendin.com is affiliated with neither bomis.com nor prendin.com.

Bomis Prendin

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