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BOMIS PRENDIN: The Printed Story
We made the music. Here's what they thought about it.


OUTLET Magazines, 1980/No. 21 - Trev Faull (Ilford, Essex, UK)
"Uneasy listening!...all manner of instruments vying for control....Seek and enjoy."
(full review)

Garbage on Broadway, DREXEL TRIANGLE, April 25, 1980 - by Frank Chmielewski (Philadelphia)
"...it will play games even with minds almost immune to torment..."
(full review)

DIVORCE, 1980 - (Milwaukee) Garey
"...we owe our lives to brave records such as this one."
(full review)

DISCRELEASAGRAM - Disc Trading Co. (promo write-up) (Carrboro, NC) Bo O'Reilly
"...A pure fascinating disc. Thought provoking and mind bending."
(full review)

"America Underground", Trouser Press, May 1980, Tim Sommer (New York)
"...future pop that is radically different, yet still appealing and accessible..."
(full review)

"CURIOUSITIES", descenes (Washington, D.C.) Date and reviewer unknown
"...Fans of nouveau-musique would be well advised to lend a sympathetic ear..."
(full review)

"America Underground", Trouser Press, February 1981 (Tim Sommer) (New York)
"One of this year's most original and innovative recordings..."
(full review)

VALE (former ed/pub of SEARCH & DESTROY):
"It ('Test') is subliminally fantastic."

Infiltrator #4: Local Wax (Arlington VA) Bill Asp
"...a virtual blitzkrieg of uncommon tinker toy...musiques and muzaques..."
(full review)

Modern World, No. 5 - Gary Indiana
"...somewhere between slightly mutated rock and roll and pure experimental composition..."
(full review)

The Lobe, Worcester, MA - WCUW - listening schedule
"...This experimental rock/electronics group...makes heavy use of the 'sound collage'..."
(full review)

New York Rocker #25: Filet de Forty-Five, Ralph Buonagura
"...a morass of spoken word, twisted electronics, and treated everything..."
(full review)

OP, Date uncertain, George Romansic (Olympia, Washington)
"...Artsy, yes (especially the beautiful cover) but nice..."
(full review)

"THE FUTURE IS NOW", Unicorn Times, July 1980, Robin Soslow (Washington, D.C.)
"...mutated toys run through different devices, overdubs and layers of exotic music..."
(full review)

"...a mix of electronic experimentalism and primitive punk..."
(full review - off-site)


"ON RECORD", Unicorn Times, August 1980, Howard S.M. Wuelfing (Washington, DC)
"...a vision and methodology that could easily develop into something of exceptional beauty and power..."
(full review)

OP Mag, "D" Issue, Winter 1980 (Olympia, WA)
"...weirdly accessible..."
(full review)

OUTLET Magazine, Issue No. 24, December 1981, Trev Faull (Essex UK)
"...a bold and adventurous rush of sound....totally listenable...and at times starkly disorientating..."
(full review)

Talk Talk Vol. 2 No. 11 - (Lawrence, Kansas)
"...pastoral instrumental passages and...rolling waves of electronic sound..."
(full review)

DISCRELEASAGRAM - Disc Trading Company (distrib. promo) (Carrboro, NC) Bo O'Reilly
"...a near absolute of visionary electronic expressionism...a totally absorbing landmark...
(full review)

Wayside Music Catalog #1, 1981 - (promo review by Steve Feigenbaum) (Wheaton MD)
"...really quite good..."
(full review)

"America Underground", Trouser Press, October 1980, by Tim Sommer (New York)
"...a fantastic mix of aural beauty and mechanical nightmare."
(full review)


"SONIC CURIOSITY: Home-Brewed Music" - Matt Howarth
"...an exhilarating and often exhausting journey through different sonic dimensions..."
(full review - off-site)


Mike Lupica, WFMU
"A rather terrifying release...oh, what a digital culture hath wrought."

Todd Urick, KDVS
"Completely awesome...it's highly recommended."

Tony Coulter, WFMU
"This is a mind-boggling thing."

"SONIC CURIOSITY: The Eccentric Sound of Bomis Prendin" - Matt Howarth
"Few bands dare to combine Stockhausen with Neil Young, and even fewer manage to pull it off with such sultry charm and gritty charisma."
(full review - off-site)

TEST + PHANTOM LIMB, digitally remastered reissue

"SONIC CURIOSITY: Classic Bomis Prendin" - Matt Howarth
"Feedback and treatments abound, achieving an ear-splitting cadence of ecstatic bliss."
(full review - off-site)


Bomis Prendin
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